I am an expert and so are you

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Do you remember your first report in school? I did mine about squirrels. I still remember how much fun it was to draw the squirrel, make arrows and write the appropriate names for the different parts of the squirrel.

In the end I told my class everything I had just learned about squirrels (basically I was reading out loud the different parts and what purpose they had)

That day I was an expert on the topic of squirrels.

Did I know everything there was to know about squirrels? No, not even close.
Did I acquire my deep knowledge through hard and long study? Nope.
Still, I was regarded the expert on that topic for the rest of the day.

That is what I would strife for, choose the right target audience and be the expert to them.
It is much harder to be an expert in online marketing in a room full of online marketers.
Tell the same things to a room of online travel agents and you will blow their minds.

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I am an expert and so are you