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Here is a list of projects I worked on over the years. Some of them are on hold and some of them are not maintained anymore.

Hello, I am Nico Graff

I am a webdeveloper and online marketer from Cologne. At the moment I am living in Korea/Seoul, the best city in the world.

I co-run a website that helps you find gifts and gift ideas for every occasion. I build webapps and websites that help me and hopefully help you as well.

On this site I am following the idea of learning in public. That means, that I share as much as possible of what I have learnt in the past, but I also document my journey while I learning something new.

This site is inspired by Derek Sivers, Tania Rascia and Austin Kleon.


In my freetime I like to play foosball. In fact I am part of the South Korean National Team.
I played in one World Cup and won nothing, but it was still fun :)

Me vs Mark Dost during the Foosball Worldcup 2017 in Hamburg (I am on the left).
watch me play!

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This website is built with the following setup:

“You can’t be content with mastery; you have to push yourself to become a student again.” Austin Kleon, Show Your Work!