Status: active

Savemarks was initally named Seopyo, the korean word for bookmarks.


I was getting frustated with the bookmarks management in my browser. I wasn't finding what I was looking for and I couldn't search my bookmarks when I wasn't at my own computer.

I had used in the past, but it was just not what I needed. I also used some other services, but these where mainly focused on visual bookmarking, meaning they saved screenshots and images.


Initially I built it just for me, but then I saw an article about and how it was built by just one guy and thought maybe there is a market for it. My focus was on simplicity and single user usage. Which means no sharing options or community discovery features.

Everything is built with PHP, MySQL, jQuery and of course HTML and CSS. In the process I disovered and learned about fulltext indices and fuzzy search.

I am particularly proud of the multi tag search feature, which allows to refine a search by putting in more than one tag.


I branded the site as "self hosted bookmarking" but that didn't seem to resonate with anybody. After a couple of failed attemps by posting it on several forums I just gave up on promoting it.

I still use Savemarks today and it is really useful to me.


Savemarks main view