Short version:

I create software solutions for small to medium sized companies with specific business problems. I give them the tools to resolve the small obstacles, so they can focus on their actual business. When I am not programming a new solution, I am an avid foosball player and love eating Korean BBQ.

If you are ready to get rid of that obstacle, that is bugging you since forever, write me a message or find me on Twitter.

Long version:

Hey, I am Nicolas Graff,

I create webapps with PHP, MySQL, JS, HTML & CSS. I recently started to work with Laravel, which is awesome!

In 2005 I finished my Bachelor in Creative Multimedia, which I had the fortune to do in Australia.

In the beginning I was a frontend only guy, I created mockups in Photoshop, sliced them up and positioned everything with tables and CSS. Ahh, the good old times.

I quickly moved on to CSS layouts and semantic markup. When I got my first real job, I quickly learned some backend skills. I already had build some stuff with PHP &MySQL during my BA, so I wasn’t starting from zero.

There I had also my first contact with online marketing, which was SEO. As a developer I naturally despised everything that smelled like marketing, but I learned that there was money to be made with SEO and Affiliate Marketing. That was the turning point for me, I had tasted blood. I was able to earn money with a website, without talking to people, hooray!

I finally quit that job and got another one in an online marketing agency! There I really learned what SEO and online marketing was. Back then I was solely in charge of the technical stuff. We build so nice websites and blogs, which had some dubious purposes, but we never crossed the line to blackhat.

I continuously improved my coding skills, but I got bored at my job. There was no real challenge and I was the only programmer there. I had read the 4 hour work week and I was longing for something different. During my time in the agency I had started numerous attempts to build something successful. I had helped my girlfriend to build her blog and she was very successful with it. While I had built some affiliate websites, she was the one who kept them alive, by creating new content. They made a couple of bucks, but the real money came through my girlfriends website.

She had already quit her job a year or two ago, when I finally decided to move on. I just quit my job, without thinking to much about the consequences. I had saved some money that would last at least a year and I was in a phase of now or never.

I quit my job and we decided, that we wanted to see something different, so we moved to Seoul, Korea for 3 months. The city is great and the food is the best I have ever tasted. In retrospective it was a good move, albeit it was really long. At least for me. In the end I missed some social connections, as we didn’t really know anybody.

Maybe it was a little too much, to quit my job, traveling half around the world and trying to build a business at the same time. But I am sure I would have struggled more, when I had stayed at home. At least I didn’t have any distractions and I build some good habits during that time.

Back in Germany we moved around a lot. We didn’t have a flat until the end of the year, which was another 3 month away. So we stayed at different places and experienced what it feels like to be a digital nomad. It was fun for a while, but exhausting in the end. We learned that we like to be independent and flexible, but we need some luxury. Also we like to stay at one place for a longer time.